Nuvus Consulting solutions enhance & automate existing grow facilities. We also design & construct turnkey solutions for large indoor or advanced hybrid greenhouse location.

In order to meet & exceed the varied & complex requirements for growing medicinal marijuana you need the right tools & support system to grow medical grade cannabis. NuvusGro's product & services are designed with growers in mind to fit their unique requirements regardless of the growing stage or production level.

We Are Innovative

Engineer the best products & services for growers

We Are Strategic

Optimize resources & ensure long-term profitability

We Are Adaptive

Continue to evolve best practices as the industry advances

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Streamline operations & simplify process controls

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HempTech Corp. formed

Beginning of fault detection, process control technology & sensor platform for cannabis



Development of grow.droid™ Prototype & grow.droid™ I

HempTech Corp became public (OTC PINK: HTCO)

Beginning of grow.droid™ II - H development

Distributor agreement with Colorado; expanded CA agreement to Washington



grow.droid™ II - H testing & production

grow.droid™ II - E development

grow.droid™ III - H&E development

HempTech merges with NuvusGro to reflect a broader industry commitment.

grow.droid™ Enterprise production


grow droid design being reviewed
grow droid design
grow droid development
back of grow droid container
grow droid container installtion
side view of grow droid container
front of grow droid container
grow droid container with plants
grow droid interface

Specially engineered & integrated for indoor grow systems & provides a software platform that maintains set profiles & conditions for optimal growth & cycle performance.

grow.droid™ is a self-contained & fully insulated premium grow system. This will allow for better growing functionality, security & protection from environmental pollutants while maintaining product consistency & quality

grow.droid™ can be scaled based on growing needs & the size of the grow area:
- tent with various sizing options
- scalable premium built insulated shipping container

Currently two growing methods available:
- hydroponic-based
- earthen-based coco medium with perlite

Fully Automated Cycle & Equipment Controls

Secure Remote Access via Smart Device

Hydroponic & Earthen-based Grow Options

Secure Cloud-based Network

Strain Profiling

Customized Software based on growing preferences
(lighting, grow method, strain profiles, dosing)

Complete Intergation of all Systems in the Grow Facility
(cultivation, environment, security)

Meets State & Local Compliance

Quick Return on Investment

Why build a building when you can start growing in 8 to 10 weeks?

Single grow container or modular grow facilities with both hydroponic & earthen-based options.
Choose the design that best fits your needs!

grow.droid™ Enterprise - Tier 2

Modular grow facilities, hydroponic & earthen-based options, up to 916 plants

Includes 6 grow rooms, cloning room, mother plants room, processing & dry/cure room, vault, dosing stations & control center

grow droid tier 2 blueprint

grow.droid™ Enterprise - Tier 1

Modular grow facilities, hydroponic & earthen-based options, up to 408 plants

Includes 4 grow rooms, cloning room, mother plants room, dosing stations & control center

grow droid tier 2 blueprint

grow.droid™ II - GrowContainer

Hydroponic & earthen-based options, 48 or 72 plants

grow droid container blueprint

Customized options are available upon request. Contact us for Pricing & Tech Specs Price may vary based on growing method & location

grow droid system interface
grow droid mobile app

Intelligent Control Cabinet is built to integrate all equipment with programmable controller & 12" Touchscreen. Features include:

Main Screen

System overview of all current sensor readings, resource monitoring & consumption.
Cycle information.
Indicates the set points for the cost of power, water, nutrients for current cycle.
Constant monitoring provides a diagnostic overview.

System Health Monitoring Screen

Review & analyze power usage of current & historical cycles.
Monitors all the equipment & detects possible failures.
Catches problematic equipment before it fails.
Monitors & detects changing power usage.

Dosing Screen for Fluids & Gases

Shows levels of gases & liquids used for growing needs.
Detects the amount of used nutrients & indicates the level of remaining nutrients.
Detects the time between dosing events.

Setting Screen

Customize recipes for pH, EC, CO2, water & air temp, & humidity.
Customize cycle length with independent control for bloom & veg cycle.
Set a specific automatic lighting schedule.
User management includes password protected login for changes & updates as well as e-mail alarms & notifications.

System Control Screen

Master override to enable complete manual control.
Override CO2 dosing, and/or nutrients dosing only.

collage of grow droid products, plants and staff

Intelligent Control Center

with HMI & controller (integrates all components with programmable controller & provides Fault Analysis & Detection)

Grow Options

Multiple sizes of GrowTent or Container that is divided into functional zones depending on the grow facility's requirements

CognetiX Software

Pre-programmed profile for environmental control, automation of standard strain cycle & alarms. Automates & analyzes plant growth cycles while aggregating operational data for reporting


Necessary cloning, growing & trimming equipment, functional utilities, irrigation & drain systems, circulation & exhaust fans, mini split AC with dehumidifier

Environmental Sensors

Temperature, water levels, pH balance, humidity, nutrient-level, CO2 level, power usage, nutrient dosing, acid/base (pH), stabilization, CO2 injections, pressure sensors, etc.


GFCI, main breaker panel & safety disconnect switch that is located next to Intelligent Control Cabinet


Carbon monoxide, smoke detector, exit sign with emergency light & fire extinguisher located in each room


High definition PTZ cameras. Surveillance is accessible from any smart device Facility access is controlled from mobile device. 90 days NVR

ferti droid pump system ferti droid pump system with tech and plans

First product in it's line of Artificially Intelligent grow systems for the medium to large scale growing facilities

The ferti.droid communicates by sending email or text messages about actions & events. This can be remotely controlled by any mobile device.

Brain power is what really separates the ferti.droid™ from any other fertigation system. This multi-stage system is built with industrial process control sensors & dosing pumps in both the first & second process stages.

The "brain" of the system is an industrial PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with an intelligent human to machine interface (HMI) screen.

Three Process Stages of ferti.droid™

The first stage prepares the raw material for processing

The second stage adds the necessary nutrient & additives as per the dosing recipe

The third stage interfaces & controls the irrigation

An optional fourth stage is available that can recover a majority of the irrigation run-off & reprocesses the water, thus greatly reducing the demand for water

A ferti-droid™ system can easily be added into any existing grow facility with little or no interruption of the daily grow activities. This will instantly increase productivity & yields by eliminating one of the costly & labor intensive daily tasks.


This industrial computer brain does all the thinking for the grower with artificial intelligence to monitor & control the fertilization process.

Cycle Specification

The program recipe controls nine separate dosing injectors in the two process stages & can be programmed from a simple fertilization schedule to complex mixing that can change at specific intervals throughout the grow cycle.


By utilizing powerful data analytics to access hundreds of data points, the ferti.droid™ helps the grower fine tune the fertigation system to ensure that every plant gets what it needs & that nothing is wasted.

grow.droid™ Overview FAQ

How many plants can I grow?

grow.droid™ tent = 16 plants (standard) *
grow.droid™ container = 48 plants (standard) *
(* can be customized)

Do you have solar or other green lighting options?

We are working on testing different energy efficient upgrades. Right now we use LED lights for all-in-one or integrated systems, but we look forward to integrating more renewable sources into the lighting.

How long do you guarantee the products?

1 year full warranty & low price extended warranties available for up to 5 years on most products.

How does it get installed?

Your local distributor will work with you to install the system in your location. If you do not have a local distributor, we can send a sales engineer out to you.

How long does it take?

It only takes a day to install a grow.droid™. For other GrowComm products & services it depends on many factors including size & location.

How much does it cost?

Check with a sales consultant in your area for detailed information on specific products & services.

How long does it take to get a return on my investment?

The ROI is less than 12 months when used for growing cannabis products.

What if I have technical issues?

You will be supported by one of our technical geniuses, just call us 727-474-1810 or check with your local distributor.

What if I only need some of the equipment or technology?

We can work with you to determine the best solution to fit your needs.

Can I upgrade to a larger space later?

Yes, absolutely. Technology is scaleable & can grow with you!

grow.droid™ Technical FAQ

Is grow.droid™ software on a peer to peer where by one client computer acts as a server or does your software need a standalone server or is the information data "cloud based" or is the droid system simply hard drive driven on each machine. I did notice one system was cloud based.

grow.droid™ I - Tent is completely self-contained & self-running. grow.droid™ II - Container uses SCADA to bring advanced features & allow for unlimited expansion, grow.droid™ II also uses the same internal software as grow.droid™ I for back up & redundancy purposes.

grow.droid™ system explains security cameras. The standard surveillance in most states is having a DVR capable of recording a min of 40 days for state approved facilities only. Does each container come with a DVR system with a min of 3TB to 5TB hard drives for 40 day monitoring? On the average home grower obviously, this is not a big deal.

We have built in several different protocols for the GrowDroidV2 that allow it to store Video onsite & offsite. We can also use most 3rd party DVR systems, so if the customer has a specific brand or has their own system we can integrate into that system.

What made you decide to go with 1600w LED lights?

With that type of space, would have thought 600w to 1000w would be more than sufficient. The coverage area fits best for our dimensions & allowed for some overlapping to achieve more penetration.

Are the LED lights computer controlled / Switchable from veg to flower or full spectrum?

Yes the lights will automatically switch from veg to bloom state. This is user configurable.

Are the controls of each unit capable of being wiped clean with isopropyl alcohol due to sticky resin from plant material & daily use?

Yes all surfaces can be cleaned with alcohol, they are NEMA rated cabinets.

Are the LED lights capable of being ratcheted up & down or are they fixed?

Yes, each light has 4 ratcheting hangers.

Is there a reason why you may have chosen charcoal filters for odor mitigation rather than controllable ionizing filters?

The filters for odor control will not be included. We only do air quality & that is only in the bigger systems. We can also integrate HEPA filters upon request.